Lux Market Entry JAPAN(To Japan)

Planning overview

Lux Market Entry JAPAN is a service that supports overseas companies planning to enter into HighNetWorth business market in Japan, from consultancy to subsidiary launch in Japan.


Business flow & service

1. Japanese HighNetWorth Research
We can make many kind of surveys by making use of our 6,600 HighNetWorth Families.

2. PR to Japanese HNWIs
We own proprietary media, relations with various wealthy medias in Japan, while taking a PR role for your products and services to Japanese HighNetWorth families.

3. Sales Representative Function
Agent service, PR and sales representative function in Japan.

4. Building business partnerships/support/Raising funds/M&A support
Business partnership, raising funds, M&A supports to enter into HighNetWorth business market in Japan.

5. Human Resources/Headhunting
Recruiting competent personnels from other companies (headhunting).

6. Subsidiary Launch Support
Total support for establishing a subsidiary in Japan.

*The above is the basic business flow and services. If you need other services or supports besides the above, please email to us.



Upon Request
*Depending on requests, we may decline support of some or all. Thank you for your understanding.


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